Landscaping and Maintenance

We offer garden services and landscaping services for your homes, offices, industrial areas, office parks, retail centres and residential developments.

Our skilled landscapers will help you create the landscaping that works best for your property and maintain it with the same loving care you would.

Our Services

  • Design/Installation of Landscape Gardens
  • Lawn Installation and Maintenance
  • Flower, shrub and maintenance
  • Tree Planting and Regular Tree Maintenance
  • Design/Installation of Brick/Stone Patios, Walkways and Retaining Walls
  • Design/Installation of Lighting for Safety and Aesthetics
  • Installation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems
  • Curb and Concrete Repairs Due To Tree Roots
  • Seasonal Color Planting and Mulching
  • Soil Aeration and Deep Root Fertilization
  • Pest Control Programs
  • Spring/Fall Leaf and Brush Removal