Specialist Pile Drive

When your project requires heavy-duty pile cutting, crushing, driving or drilling, it can be a challenge to secure the right equipment for the job. But even in this highly specialised area, AYE-B Trading  offers a single resource for advice, planning and equipment sales or rentals. Our experienced staff will use their years of collective knowledge and field experience to provide you with the most cost-effective plan for your project.

We specialise in piling and foundation works. We have carried out foundation works for bridges and various other structures, as well as dynamic compaction for foundations.

We complete client projects with the highest degree of quality. We provide stable foundations for a variety of applications and structures, such as pipelines, buildings, bridges, communication towers, etc.


AYE-B pile driving services provides comprehensive solutions for a variety of pile driving and drilling needs.

  • Concrete pile cutters
  • Diesel pile hammers
  • Rentals and sales